Homegrown Australian Muslim Terrorist Cell

Sunday, 19 June 2011 07:38 Brian A.Donnelly Jihad - War-Violence

Abdul Nacer Benbrika (48) had been receiving Welfare payments from Centrelink for over 19 years while at the same time plotting with other Muslim extremists to blow up the MCG on Grand Final Day in 2005 and kill and maim as many people as possible.

Benbrika ( aka Sheikh Abu Bakr ) was an illegal immigrant in Australia, having arrived in 1989. He was a self styled Muslim Cleric and enjoyed a degree of influence over the younger Muslim community in Melbourne.

During the intervening period he had been ordered by the Dept of Immigration to leave the Country on three separate occasions in 1990; 1994 and 1995 and to return to Algeria.

Despite these outstanding orders he was allowed to marry an Australian Muslim and then won an appeal to remain in Australia.

During the 19 period of Welfare support he had never worked for one day and fathered 7 children.

It is estimated that he has cost the Australian taxpayers in excess of $1Million in combined Welfare benefits.

After being apprehended and charged with plotting a terrorist attack on Australian soil Benbrika was quoted as saying “ There are 2 Laws : An Australian Law and an Islamic Law’

As a basis for Benbrika’s extremist views he quotes the Quran as promising its followers “ When a Jihad warrior dies – the 1st drop of his blood earns him complete forgiveness from Allah for all of his sins”.

On 16/09/2008, following an extensive 6 month trial hearing , Benbrika and his followers were convicted of plotting an act of terrorism on Australian soil and they were subsequently sentenced on 03/02/2009 :

Abdul Nacer Benbrika (48) minimum 12 years to maximum 15 years

We must ask the obvious question : “ Have any of the bungling ( or complicit ) Government employees who contributed to this fiasco been dismissed and/or charged as a result of these events.?”

The areas of concern are Centrelink; ASIO and Dept of Immigration.

Why can’t we expect a degree of professionalism from our Government employees in enforcing our Welfare ; Security and Residency infrastructure. ?

By contrast we see the disgraceful and demeaning treatment of elderly Australian retirees who, despite having paid taxes all of their working lives, are subjected to the most invasive personal investigations in order to simply maintain a full or part pension benefit.

This requires them to present themselves before a Centrelink employee and provide full documentation including Bank Passbooks/ Bank Statements/ Schedules of any assets and any record of spending for personal or other reasons together with receipts and a full explanation.