The halal rort on Australians: paying an Islamic religious food tax without knowing Part 1

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Muslims do not require halal food at all as they are free to eat anything that isn’t deemed haram yet increasingly ALL our food is ‘halal.’   The Australian population is being ripped off with the compliance of slaughter houses and manufacturers for they now carryout processes which are inspected by a Muslim and a Muslim group issues a halal certification certificate if it complies with sharia --- and YOU pay for this although YOU, the ordinary Australian does  NOT require your food production to comply with sharia and YOU do NOT require halal certification.   You may want to avoid this rort by avoiding halal food BUT many immoral food manufacturers, while complying with and paying for the Islamic certification system, lack the moral responsibility to inform the public and don’t label their food as halal.  Australia is a SECULAR nation and we should not under any circumstances be complying with the insane religious food laws of Islam or allowing sharia to be enforced over us by stealth.  How have food producers been coopted as agents of Islamization and pathways to transfer an Islamic religious food tax from unwilling consumers to Islamic groups?

Paying a religious food tax to Islamic groups:

The halal certification industry is a big money earner for certain Muslim groups and that money is creamed in part off the Australian public.  

An article from 2008 gives an idea of how lucrative ‘halal’ certification is to Islamic groups –re The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils – (one of about 17 certifying groups often linked to mosques)

(The) ‘AFIC is the biggest Islamic umbrella organisation in the country and is made up of dozens of representative Muslim bodies, which sit beneath the nine state and territory councils. It acts in an advisory role to governments and derives most of its income from rent on land that houses Muslim schools across the country, and the certification of halal food. It manages an annual budget of about $20 million and assets of about $50 million. (O'Brien, 2008 Australian) 

  1. Halal food is simply a religious food tax imposed by Muslims on non-Muslims.
  2. Food prices are increased as manufacturers pass this TOTALLY UNNECESSARY set of extra costs onto unsuspecting consumers.
  3. As manufacturers show themselves as complete dhimmis ready to do Islamic bidding, OUR freedom of choice is taken away as food all becomes halal and more expensive. Failure to provide non-halal food is discrimination against the majority (98%) of Australians.
  4. Many immoral manufacturers with halal certification do NOT label their food as halal.  They are misrepresenting their product and under labelling guidelines, this is illegal.

Failure to adequately label food is against the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA) (formerly known as the Trade Practices Act 1974) which contains a general prohibition against conduct that misleads or deceives or is likely to mislead or deceive.

In my view, failing to inform people that your product is halal and royalties are being paid to an Islamic group(s) is misleading and deceptive conduct particularly when many people feel very strongly against consuming halal food!  (to find this information one needs to trawl through, Consumer policy, Fair trading, Labelling.

  1. Halal food IS forced Islamization as sharia law is operating over ALL Australians.  Sharia law has NO place at all in Australia.

The hidden yet widespread imposition of halal food is sharia by stealth –and we PAY for it both in money and in loss of our freedom and choice –and indeed possibly far greater losses to come!
Clearly Muslims have been involved in a well organised plan to take control of food production. 

*How have our food manufacturers been coopted into the service of Islam so they are now forcing Islamic law over the Australian population when the Islamic population is 2% in Australia and only 20% worldwide.  

*Why have food manufacturers become collection agencies, collecting a religious food tax for Islam and passing it to Islamic groups?

The insanity of this becomes obvious when we ask why our food production does not also submit itself to inspection and certification from Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, atheists .....all others so that their respective groups also get ‘a cut’ in this lucrative practice of insuring food production satisfies your group and you get your religious food tax creamed off everyone.

  1. The enforcement of halal food is yet another means for Muslims to dominate and control the worldwide economy.  Halal food is marketed as ‘pure’ (religiously pure according to Islam) or ‘healthy.’  There is absolutely NO reason why substances that satisfy Islamic text and law would be particularly ‘healthy.’  One only has to look at the food handling practices in the Islamic world and by Muslims in the west to see that that is NOT the case! (Read  Food Jihad Sunday, 22 May 2011 05:53 Cassandra this site).   As I have noted many times Islamic ideas of  ‘hygienic’ fall far below ours.

Imposition of sharia:

To be halal the food must comply with sharia which can include many things often taken to extremes –that there has been no contact with haram substances;  that meat is sadistically slaughtered according to sharia by Muslim slaughtermen and dedicated to allah and that meat products eg gelatine come from such slaughtered animals;  that the ingredients, method of manufacture, cleaning of equipment, packaging and storage all comply with sharia.   Hence inspections by Muslims examine and control the whole food production process.

This is extremely dangerous as businesses become dependent on a limited Islamic market and make themselves vulnerable to absolute Islamic control to keep their certification.  

*Will we end up with a Muslim only workforce (non-Muslims may be considered haram) as we already have killing floors built to face Mecca and halal slaughtermen must be Muslim so ordinary Australians are locked out of jobs.  This is workplace discrimination.

*Are we going to surrender our food production to an ideology that comes with the intention of worldwide control and the aim to force their sharia law over all?

Some people claim this is no different to kosher food –rubbish, Jewish food is produced in small amounts, clearly labelled, sold in separate areas of the supermarket or special shops and not forced onto others. 

Indeed Jews NEVER force their specific needs onto others while Muslims aim to force Islam onto everyone!   I have also been told it’s just like paying for the ‘heart’ tick.  What a load of garbage as the heart tick does NOT emanate from a group that aims for worldwide domination and the imposition of a barbaric set of laws!   I have been told that in some cases the ‘production’ is the same so what’s the problem – well, now we pay Muslims for inspections and certifications that WE don’t want or need and, how far will it go?   A look at the joke of ‘halal’ makeup (Muslim women are NOT supposed to make themselves up unless for hubby in the bedroom, attracting males in general is a big NO, NO!)  will give a hint –

A certified Halal product means that the product is produced using no haram products or alcohol (including fluids used to clean equipment) in the manufacturing process. Testing is done to ensure that there are no pork or animal bi products used in the process. X  is dedicated to developing products that only use the finest purest Halal certified ingredients.’....
“We do not simply claim to be Halal, we are certified Halal by a 3rd party certification body that confirms our products are suitable for Muslims to use”, claims Layla.....
In Islam, as she says, it is forbidden to use beauty products that contain questionable ingredients, since a Muslim must be clean and pure before he or she prays. Haram ingredients, she says, if [they] are on your body, your prayers will not be accepted......
‘Ms. Mandi, proud for setting a new standard in Halal certified beauty, hopes to educate people on (the) grounds of using Halal products so the consumer now has a choice whether or not they want to RISK using Haram ingredients on their bodies.’  
(Muhammad 2010)

Hmm, no alcohol products used to clean equipment; even ingredients must be deemed halal requiring more inspections and certification and more costs to YOU; and of course the threat to Muslims – your prayers are unacceptable if you have ‘haram’ substances presumably on or IN your body!

While Muslims demand a ‘choice’ our right to choose non-halal products is ripped away.

Someone else also said it’s just like giving a donation – well I don’t want to DONATE to Islam!

Muslims seem incapable of even choosing their own food: the mind control of Islam is absolute and growing.

Muslims seem completely incapable of deciding what food they can eat unless some imam tells them it’s OK or unless they can find a halal certificate.  Hence halal labelling is clearly important for them as well and one wonders why some food producers HIDE their halal certification?   One also wonders how Muslims survived before this sudden rash of halal certification took place.   

Muslims have been mind-manipulated into believing their food must be certified halal or they  ---WHAT  –will explode, go to hell –if they eat it??  Apparently they don’t know that before they were born allah already decided whether he’d send them to hell or not so who cares? (see *Koran 17.13-14,  *Muslim Book 33, Number 6436: *Bukhari Volume 4, Book 54, Number 430:   *Bukhari Volume 4, Book 55, Number 549:   *Bukhari Volume 8, Book 77, Number 593: *Bukhari Volume 9, Book 93, Number 546: *Muslim book33, Nos  6390- 6408 : and many more!)

Imagine living in this insanity of Islam where Muslims look at a packet of chips in terror ---Oh, is it halal or haram?

The Muslim obsession with everything being designated halal (allowed) or haram (forbidden) often without reason is in my view a form of insanity.   While they can indulge in this mindless insanity, it should not be forced on us.

In reality, Islamic law gives a clear list of what must be avoided –

Reliance of the traveller:   **Law j 16.1 p361   In the case of meat, it only becomes permissible if you are certain that it has been slaughtered according to sharia  .. 

‘ The case of meat is exceptional in this, since most other foods are initially permissible, and one assumes they remain so unless one is CERTAIN  something has occurred which has made them unlawful.
‘In cases of doubt, only likely possibilities are taken into consideration ....As for remote possibilities, taking them into consideration only leads to BLAMEWORTHY EXTREMISM and departure from how the early Muslims were, for the prophet was given some cheese and a cloak (by non-Muslims) and he ate the one and wore the other WITHOUT considering whether they might have mixed the former with PORK, or whether the wool came from a slaughtered or unslaughtered animal.   Were one to take such possibilities into consideration, one would NOT find anything lawful on the face of the earth.
This is why our colleagues say  “
complete certainty that something is lawful is only conceivable about rainwater falling from the sky into one’s hand.”

 (Ie EAT what you like as it’s impossible to be certain it is ‘lawful’ and carrying on about it is BLAMEWORTHY EXTREMISM)

*Law 16.2   p 362  It is permissible to eat the oryx, zebra, hyena, fox, rabbit, porcupine, daman (a Syrian rock badger), deer, ostrich or horse.

*Law j 16.3   p 362  It is unlawful to eat –
1)  (Pork products)
2)  cats or disgusting small animals that walk on the ground such as ants, flies and the like (...the jerboa, locust and hedgehog ....are recognised as wholesome and pure)
3)  predatory animals that prey with fangs or tusks ...lion, leopard, wolf, bear, simians, and so forth (including the elephant and weasel)
4)  those that hunt with talons... falcon,  hawk,  kite, crow-except for the barnyard crow which may be eaten.
5)  or the offspring of an animal permissible to eat and one not permissible to eat such as the mule (a cross between one eaten, the horse and one not eaten, the donkey)

*Law j 16.4  p 363  It is permissible to eat any aquatic game except frogs and crocodiles.
*Law j 16.5   It is unlawful to eat anything harmful such as poison, glass or earth.
*Law j 16.6 It is unlawful to eat anything impure (def e 14.1). ..It is unlawful to eat substances which are pure but generally considered repulsive, such as saliva or sperm.

(Well forget any kissing...and what about swallowing your own saliva?) PS impure products/filth are defined in law e14.1 – urine, excrement, blood, pus, vomit, wine, dogs, pigs, white vaginal fluid (madhy) or discharge after urinating (wady), slaughtered but illegal animals, unslaughtered dead animals  (see allowed ones in laws above), hair...

*Law j 16.7  [you can only eat an ‘unslaughtered’ dead animal if forced to do so]
Meat slaughter which has a set of its own rules will be covered in part 2.

But what we see here is that

a)  there is a list of permissible and forbidden food which any Muslim, incapable of deciding what they can eat for themself, can carry in their pocket for ready reference during food purchasing.

b)  Non-meat food  is permissible unless you are absolutely certain that it is not –ie eat and don’t worry about it!

The whole halal system is a rort.

Problems with the halal market:

Halal certification is a commercial market:  The rort continues as certifying agencies only have access to certain markets so if a producer wants access to many markets   *do they pay MULTIPLE halal certifiers?

Since some overseas countries also want to charge fees for market access you can easily see that this is simply a rort on the dopey non-Muslims as the Muslims are providing nothing at all – they simply look and dictate and hand out a certificate but they don’t produce anything, they just charge and idiotic companies PAY and YOU pay.

Some claim this benefits Australia because we reach the great Islamic market but this is a nonsense as the NON-Islamic market covers 80% of the world and hence companies should be producing for that market so there is no need for US to be made to adhere to sharia and to pay for the imposition of sharia and halal certification which we do NOT want.  

Let companies who want to tie themselves to the Islamic world and submit to its control separately produce their products to suit at the cost of their Muslim purchasers BUT don’t pass those products and extra costs onto US, the 80 % of the world and 98% of Australians who are NOT Muslim!   Muslims in Australia make up <2 % of the population so let THEM IMPORT their special halal food if they are incapable of eating ordinary food –which their text and laws allow!

As for Islamic countries., a recent talk I attended noted the instability and economic failure of these countries despite oil, and the very HIGH cost of food as a % of income ie Muslims in Egypt, Tunisia, Pakistan pay 3-5 times what we pay as a % of income so the obvious thing would be that this is a BAD market to be tied to and that most of these Muslims would happily buy any cheaper food, halal or not!    All the costs involved in the halal rort make their food as well as ours unnecessarily more expensive.   

This is a worldwide rort where businesses are told they must buy halal certification to sell into the Islamic market here or overseas while certain Muslim groups make a financial ‘killing.’ The halal food industry is a false, created market that would buy our food,  halal or not. 

Halal food  is like the absurd halal makeup, and halal applications for computers –it’s a word that we are made to PAY for when WE don’t want it!   We pay more, so does the ordinary Muslim who is also subjected to mind-manipulation and fear tactics to force them to buy only halal certified food while their laws note that such obsessive insanity is blameworthy extremism.

Demand HALAL FREE food-

WE must not be subjected to or made to pay for Islam’s food fetishes and halal/haram insanity.   This is a totally unnecessary rort of non-Muslims (and  poor Muslims) to benefit certain Islamic individuals and groups and to put all under sharia.    Check for the halal label (see below for some labels) and DON’T BUY the product with one. 

If businesses are stupid enough to tie themselves into this market, let the end user, the Muslim pay for their food fetishes but WE must NOT tolerate an Islamic religious food tax being passed to us either via failure to label the product as halal or failure to provide an alternative.

*Why do we allow an Islamic religious food tax to be charged on our food when WE do NOT want halal inspections or halal certification?

*Why are laws not protecting us from companies who mislead by failing to label their products halal.
*Why are we allowing Islamic control of food production?

*What inducements are used and what control is exercised to make our food producers/manufacturers agents of Islamization and collection agents for Islam's religious food tax?

*How did Muslims eat before ‘halal’ certification?

*How did we sell into the Islamic world before ‘halal’?

*How much is this con really worth compared to what it may COST as many people now reject halal food and refuse to buy it and as more understand the con, the financial rort by Muslim groups, and the stealth sharia MORE will refuse halal products.

Another market is opening up --- the anti-halal market.   I await manufacturing entrepreneurs who recognise an Australian market for food that is NOT halal and the growth of this market in England, Europe in general, USA, Japan, China, Thailand and other Buddhist nations, South Korea, Christian Africa and Central and South America and others who do NOT want to pay Islam’s religious food tax, who do NOT want sharia imposed on them and who do NOT want to fund an ideology that has slaughtered and enslaved in the past and threatens them in the present.

Remember every time you buy halal food, you are paying an imposed Islamic religious food tax that goes into the coffers of Islamic groups to be used for --- well certainly nothing good for the infidel that’s for sure and  their ‘business’ tax certainly doesn’t compensate for our communal losses! Remember all Muslims and Muslim businesses pay Zakat and a beneficiary of zakat is those fighting for allah (military operations), weapons, mounts, expenses.... But in my view far more dangerous is the increased money taken FROM US and used to build mosques (command and control centres), Islamic schools and to ‘oil’ Islamic influence and infiltration in the unending quest for absolute dominance and the rule of sharia.    *Do these halal businesses also pass ‘gratuities’ or gifts to their Islamic masters?

PS: Is the truth being hidden? 4 years ago I researched this topic and could find lists of halal certified food manufacturers ---several not displaying labels eg Sanitarium but today information is harder to find –(try :  Halal Australia) for some big names with halal certification but this is only a tiny sample missing groups like Bega, Cadbury.... )

We are information gathering and this article aims to pose some of the many questions that need to be researched and answered.


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2)  Muhammad, Zara.    Redefining beauty care products for Muslims  2010-03-29
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PS please write to these people involved in food labelling to make halal labels compulsory and large with the word halal as many don’t see or know the meaning of the tiny symbols.

The really important group is the ‘Food Standards Australia New Zealand’ (FSANZ) who seem to determine the labelling code.  Halal labelling seems to be missing – so PLEASE contact these people and tell them your concerns and need for all halal food to be labelled.

Eg . Food Standarts  where you can email them from the site or write or phone:

Australia New  Zealand
55 Blackall Street, Level 6 108 The Terrace
Ph:  +61 2 6271 2222 Ph: +64 4 978 5630
Fax: +61 2 6271 2278   Fax: +64 4 473 9855
PO Box 7186 PO Box 10559  
Canberra BC  ACT  2610 The Terrace, Wellington 6143,   New Zealand
  email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Enforcement and Interpretation of  the Code is the responsibility of State/Territory Health Departments within Australia and New Zealand so these also need to be contacted as well to make it clear that all halal food must be labelled so we can at least choose NOT to buy them.