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 Emirates Melbourne Cup
We’re all familiar with Emirates, which has become part of the Australian landscape. From Emirates Airlines to sports sponsorship, their logo is as familiar as vegemite and lamingtons. In Melbourne, it’s common to see trams covered in adverts for Emirates, and even the iconic Melbourne Cup has been renamed the Emirates Melbourne Cup.

For the last few years, Emirates have been aggressively sponsoring sport in Australia. The marketing people at Emirates are well aware of our passion for sport, which here in Oz is almost a religion.
What better way to exploit this passion than incorporating their religion into our sport? Of course, they can’t do this openly, because we might smell a rat. Better to get us used to associating Emirates with sport – simple really if you have countless $$$billions to play with. Once we are nice and easy with it, then will come the sharia sting in the tail.


No PhotosAlarmist? Maybe, but what do you really know about Emirates? Are they truly a dinky di Aussie icon?
 NO! Here are 10 reasons why they are nothing like us:-

1.  The United Arab Emirates (UAE), a federation of seven emirates, has no democratically elected institutions, political parties or general elections.
Australia, also a federation, is a democracy, with political parties and general elections.

2. The UAE restricts freedom of speech and the press, free assembly and association, and restricts religious freedom by banning proselytizing of Muslims.
Our government has no such restrictions (except in Victoria, where the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act is used to prevent criticism of Islam.)

3. UAE law does not prohibit trafficking in persons. Trafficking in women and girls used as prostitutes and domestic servants, men used as servants, laborers, and unskilled workers, and very young boys used as camel jockeys, are serious problems. 
Our law prohibits trafficking in persons.
Human costs of construction boom in Dubai

4. Courts sometimes impose flogging sentences on Muslims (except in Dubai), and onSex Slaves non-Muslims, found guilty of adultery, prostitution, and drug or alcohol abuse.
No flogging here for these acts, most of which are not even considered criminal in Australia.

5. Each Emirate administers Shari'a courts, which act in accordance with traditional Islamic law and practice. Muslim women are forbidden to marry non-Muslims. In such cases, both parties can be arrested and tried. However, Muslim men are free to marry all women "of the book."
In Oz, men and women can marry a partner of any religion or none.

6. The law prohibits, under penalty of imprisonment, criticism of the Government, ruling families, and friendly governments, as well as statements that threaten social stability.
In Oz, criticism of the Government, and indeed anyone else (except Muslims, whose sensitivities we must defer to) is the norm.

7. UAE prohibits Muslims from converting to other religions. Although non-Muslims in the country are free to practice their religion, they are subject to criminal prosecution, imprisonment, and deportation if found proselytizing or distributing religious literature to Muslims.
No BiblesIn Oz, you can convert to, or out of, any religion you wish, and are free to try and persuade any who will listen to accept your faith.
8. The law permits men to have more than one wife, but not more than four at any given time.
Fornication is a crime.

In Oz, you can only have one wife at a time - but that’s usually more than enough for most men!
Fornication, though considered by some morally wrong, is not a crime.

9. Coeducation is prohibited in government schools and universities.
In Oz, mixing of the sexes is the norm in schools and universities.
10. Both civil and Shari'a law criminalize homosexual activity.
In Oz, homosexuality is not a crime. (reference)
So Emirates are carrying out a massive deception on the Australian public.
Whether its ads showing smiling flight attendants pouring wine to Western travellers, or sponsorhip of music or sporting events, what they don’t tell you is that  none of these would be allowed under sharia.

And Emirates = Sharia. Make no mistake about it.

TrainingRecently the Adelaide Crows and the Collingwood Magpies played a game of Australian Rules Football in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as part of AFL’s programme to showcase the game globally and grow the business dimension of Aussie Rules. According to Gillon McLachlan, the AFL’s Chief Broadcasting and Commercial Officer, the match meets a number of objectives - to grow international participation in the game, serve the Australian expatriate market and grow the game amongst Australian and international business interests. “We need to support the global ambitions of our corporate sponsors and partners…the international matches help us to showcase the game and build the Australian brand amongst potential foreign investors and sponsors and give our global Australian partners some good leverage in new markets.”

Mr McLachlan, you might be surprised to discover what the global amibitions of Emirates are!

There are now over 2000 Australian businesses exporting to the UAE and a large number of Australians based in Dubai, which acts as a hub for business to the rest of the Middle East. Emirates have been sponsoring Collingwood since 1999 and the Club has enjoyed a strong relationship with the Dubai based airline. “Emirates have always built their brand in other countries through sports sponsorship and they always target big name clubs – such as Arsenal in the UK Premier League. And with the strong Collingwood brand, rich history and large supporter base, they saw us as a natural partner, said Emerson. Collingwood’s travel agency sells large numbers of packages for supporters to go to the game. In South Australia too, the match in the UAE is seen as important: Ray Garrand, the chief executive of the State Department of Economic development said they would be using it to promote the State’s interests in Dubai in the automotive and defence industries.
Racing Giant

Emirates Air sponsors the Melbourne Cup and many major events in Australia. Worldwide it spends US$200 million a year on corporate communications and sponsorship.

While other airlines are struggling, Emirates keeps building, with 45 of the new giant A380 Airbus aircraft recently ordered. Critics say this is only possible because the company is government owned  and is propped up by government oil dollars.

The fact is: Emirates is Dubai and Dubai is Emirates. UAE Cricket Team

Aviation writer, Tom Ballantyne comments “ It really doesn't matter much which sport you look at, you will see Emirates, whether it's premier league soccer in the UK, horse racing all over the world, it is sponsoring Team New Zealand in the next America's Cup Challenge, golf, everything, you'll see the name Emirates.”
In all they've spent about $75 million in sponsorship, starting with the Australian Cricket  team in the World Cup of '99, now it's horse racing, Aussie Rules, and symphony orchestras. (Link1 , Link2 )

Talking of horse racing, Australian racing's most lavish supporter, Bob Ingham, recently sold his vast Woodlands Stud to the ruler of Dubai for more than $460 million, which will result in Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum's Darley Stud dominating the breeding and racing of thoroughbreds in Australia. Ingham and his late brother Jack established Inghams Enterprises and made a $1 billion fortune from turning a nondescript chicken farm in Sydney's south into an Australian success story employing around 7000 people. The brothers also built the biggest racing and breeding operation in Australia.
Sheikh Mohammed is the world's biggest owner of thoroughbreds, and he will now have two studs in the Hunter Valley along with one in Victoria and the Inghams' Cootamundra farm. (reference)

Emirates Airline sponsored the 2007 the Cadbury Schweppes Australian PGA Championship as the Official Airline and a major sponsor of the event at Hyatt Regency Coolum, in Queensland.

Stephen Pearse, Emirates’ Vice President, Australia said:
“Emirates is committed to Australian sport and we believe sponsorship of world class events such as the PGA Championship is a vital element in our business strategy.”
Max Garske, CEO of the PGA Australia, said “To have a major international airline as prestigious as Emirates join the PGA Championship as a major sponsor speaks volumes about the standing of the event and we hope that this is the start of a long and successful relationship between Emirates and the PGA.”
Dubai Port World

The volume of Emirates flights is impressive: from Sydney, they operate 14 flights per week to Dubai. The airline also flies double-daily services from both Melbourne and Perth, and seven flights per week from Brisbane, besides operating 28 flights per week into New Zealand. (reference)

There’s no doubt Emirates is big business. But it comes as a price, and that price is SHARIA!

So maybe a more accurate portrayal of the connection between Emirates and sport is to be found on the website: (The Nose on Your Face)

Or perhaps this description from Afghanistan:

”In a packed football stadium in Kabul, a woman in a blue burqa is taken from a vehicle and made to kneel on the edge of the penalty area. A Taliban fighter steps forward with an automatic rifle and shoots her in the back of the head, then pumps several more bullets into her prone body. The death in 1999 of Zarmeena, a mother of seven who was said to have killed her husband as he slept, has been seen around the world, thanks to another woman who was in the crowd that day. At great risk to herself, she smuggled a digital video camera into the stadium under her burqa and filmed the execution through the gauzy slit which permits the wearer a dim view of her surroundings. She was a member of RAWA, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, an undercover feminist organisation, which has also filmed public amputations and the stoning of women.
When the Taliban took over, they shoved women into virtual imprisonment – never appearing unveiled before any man outside their immediate family, never going out unescorted by a male relative, beaten for laughing or other "immodesty" in public, and never going to a male doctor.
Taliban Sport
Kidnapping and raping women occurred with virtual impunity. Female doctors and civil servants were forced out of their jobs and into burqas. A woman without a male relative was not allowed to go out at all, even to the doctor, and you had to paint the windows of your home black. 

You might argue that an expansion of international business is good for Australia. We live in a free society and share an interest in promoting global trade.

A new book, Moral Markets, edited by Paul Zak, would support this argument, claiming that market exchanges work because they rely on character values such as honesty, trust, reliability and fairness, a set of shared values essential to the functioning of modern economies.

Zac argues that market exchange itself can lead to an understanding of what constitutes fair exchange, and in this way build social capital in the community. "Exchange is inherently other-regarding," Zak says:
"Both you and I must benefit if exchange is to occur. In this sense exchange in markets is virtuous: one must consider not only one's own needs but also the needs of another."
The book explains that our sense of morality is bred into us and that when viewing immoral acts, nearly all humans have a visceral, emotional and rapid neural response, and that values such as trustworthiness, fairness and honesty are so common as to go largely unnoticed. (reference)

Sadly, the argument that market exchanges work because of shared values, cannot therefore apply to market exchanges with Islam.

Islam does not share our values:
Islam does not see us as equals, but views infidels, womens and blacks as inferior. There is no fairness.
Islam is happy to lie to infidels in order to spread Islam. There is no honesty, trust or reliablility.

As for Zac’s contention that:
“when viewing immoral acts, nearly all humans have a visceral, emotional and rapid neural response.”
Lamb Throwing Competition

Nearly all maybe, but not those who have been brainwashed by the death cult that is Islam to believe that infidels deserve to be butchered in the most cruel way and that these deaths be celebrated.

So by allowing Emirates to buy out Australia bit by bit, we are selling our freedom and our rights to live peacably in our tolerant pluralistic society.

Sooner than we know it, our laws will be changed to accommodate sharia and we will become subjugated under Islam.

And then, all the money in the world won’t make up for our loss of freedom!


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